Romney's invisible bounce from the convention

Gallup isn't seeing it, nor is Democratic-leaning PPP taking the pulse of swing states. Rasmussen showed a 6 point Romney bounce in the first 3 day tracking poll that was measured after the convention was over. Will Obama do any better? Their TV ratings will probably be better given the star power of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speaking on Thursday night. But if the American voter buys into what Obama is going to say, and what the Democrats are going to say about the GOP, and gives the president a boost -- you can bet it will be proclaimed that the race is over and Obama has won. Michael Barone wonders if conventions aren't passe: The Democratic National Convention opening Tuesday in Charlotte will be the 86th national convention of our two major parties. Republicans have an unbroken chain of conventions going back to 1856; the Democrats' unbroken chain goes back to 1832, when Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last surviving (and only Catholic) signer of the Declaration of ...(Read Full Post)