Rep. Cleaver loves the Castro brothers

Missouri Congressman, member of the Congressional Black Caucus and former Kansas City mayor Emanuel Cleaver certainly gave a rousing speech at the Democrat National Convention Wednesday night. A Methodist pastor, Rev. Cleaver, in his convention speech, showed the same kind of fire he exhibited for years preaching from the pulpit. When I saw the kind of energy Rev. Cleaver brought to his convention speech, I wondered if perhaps he was so fired up because he'd heard that the Castro brothers were in the audience. Rev. Cleaver, you see, is a big, big fan of the Castro brothers. But it's not San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the convention's keynote speaker, and his twin brother Joaquin (also a Texas Democrat politician) who rate so highly with Rev. Cleaver. Even though they had both appeared on stage the night before, and were shown in the audience Wednesday night, it's not the San Antonio Castro brothers of whom Cleaver is so very enamored. Instead, it's the Havana Castro brothers, Fidel...(Read Full Post)