Recap: Obama's work

While our embassies burned, Americans died, and violent protests against America continue around the globe including an attack on another Ambassador, our president jetted off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, and on the heels of that one, had another hosted by Beyonce and Jay-Z where, by the way, no cameras or mics were allowed. (Apparently Obama doesn't want to tarnish his man-of-the-little-people image what with the floor to ceiling display of champagne bottles priced at $800 per bottle), gave interviews with entertainment magazines and posed for a photo spread, went on the David Letterman show, told Prime Minister Netanyahu he was too busy to meet with him, and idiotically blamed the Middle East violence on some two-bit "film-maker" whom he described as a "shadowy character." Anyone - anyone! - please tell me why this man-child should be allowed four more years as President of the United States. With all we know about him, one needn't make a long list to understand the gravity of the...(Read Full Post)