How on earth is it possible that, after nearly four years of  a manifestly dismal, failed presidency, Barack Obama has any support at all, beyond the ten percent of the population who do not know that America has a president?  How can a single sentient person on the planet  claim that he has been a good leader, a good steward of the economy, a good strategist on foreign policy,  a unifier of the American people, a jobs creator?  He has in fact been the worst president since Jimmy Carter and has seen to it that we have surpassed Carter's misery index scores.  Obama has further ruined a fragile economy, an economy shaken by a Democrat-engineered housing scandal, a bomb begun under Carter, made catastrophically worse under Clinton,  and detonated under Bush.  He has thoroughly and completely bungled our foreign policy by embracing the so-called Arab Spring, effectively handing over a large swath of the middle east to the Muslim Brotherhood, putting...(Read Full Post)