'Questionable Solar Math' Revisited

After I posted a blog piece on what I called "questionable math" on the payback period for installing solar photovoltaic panels, I received an email from Jeff Ressler, President of Software Services at Clean Power Research, the company that provided data to the Wall Street Journal. Jeff describes himself as a regular reader of American Thinker and writes: As an entrepreneurial capitalist, I personally look forward to the day when incentives are unnecessary and the market can reach its full potential.  Will incentives going away impact our business?  Sure.  Does it scare us?  No.  We existed before the incentives and we intend to exist and thrive after them. I couldn't agree more. If conservatives believe in an "all of the above" energy policy, there's no reason to oppose entrepreneurs who can make a profit selling solar panels -- assuming that these profits can be achieved without the heavy hand of government leaning on the scales. Mr. Ressler provided a...(Read Full Post)