President Obama's Distortions on '60 Minutes'

Yesterday on CBS' 60 Minutes, Barack Obama made a bold statement--one that voters need to think about long and hard before they cast their ballots: Well, let's see what I've done since I came into office. I said I'd end the war in Iraq. I did. I said that we'd go after al Qaeda. They've been decimated in the Fatah. That we'd go after bin Laden. He's gone. So I've executed on my foreign policy. And it's one that the American people largely agree with. So if Gov. Romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. Saying that the president's self-congratulatory remark was overreaching is being too kind.  For instance, his claim that he ended the war in Iraq contradicts the reality on the ground.  Iraq is still at war and is coming unglued, and it's largely due to the fact that the U.S. got out of Iraq before the job was finished.  Christians are being persecuted en masse; Sunni and Shia Muslims are killing each other almost daily; and Iran is...(Read Full Post)