PolitiFact's Faux Fact Checking

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were repeatedly accused by the media of making false claims during the Republican national convention.  The reporters didn't just question the accuracy of certain statements as they might have done in years past.  They flatly stated that the assertions were found to be false by the fact checkers. However, just because someone hangs out a shingle that says "fact checker," that doesn't mean they have a lock on the truth.  Heck, it doesn't even prove that they are credible.  This is particularly true in politics, where facts often mingle with opinions.  Like initial reports about breaking stories, the findings of self-appointed fact checkers should be greeted with skepticism. It's not terribly surprising that the mainstream media has pounced on the opportunity provided by the fact checkers.  The media's credibility among the American public is at an all-time low.  Most Americans perceive the media as terribly biased.  No...(Read Full Post)