Oh, the delicious irony!

On a supreme irony, Patrick Fitzgerald who came to our attention when he turned the Bush administration upside down pretending to trace a leak whose source he already knew, has been named by reporters as the man who leaked information to the press  in the case he prosecuted against then governor Blagojevich. From Illinois Pay to Play":  Chicago Tribune reporters John Chase and Jeff Coen, in their recently released book Golden, claim that former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald lied when he said he did not know who was leaking information to the Trib about the Rod Blagojevich investigation being conducted by his office. Chase and Coen state in their book that, "The newspaper also had information about a planned arrest date and that the investigation had spread to whether Blagojevich had corrupted the process of choosing a new senator to replace Barack Obama."  According to Chase and Coen, the decision to arrest Rod Blagojevich on the morning of...(Read Full Post)