Obama's lie about immigration reform

Yes, Univision did a nice job in asking serious and respectful questions.  At the same time, the president was allowed once again to rewrite history with respect to immigration reform. For the record, I do not support amnesty, "sanctuary cities" or the latest executive decree legalizing "dreamers" by going around Congress. I do support a rational immigration reform that allows US employers to hire people legally if they can't find those workers up here.  My idea is based on the "brasero" program that was so successful in the 1950's and 60s.   In other words, I want an immigration policy that makes sense for the US economy, whether we are talking about people picking lettuce or sophisticated engineers.  During the Univision interview, President Obama was confronted about his "promise" to pass immigration reform.  Unfortunately, he was once again allowed to blame others or to "pander" to Hispanics by pretending that he fought for...(Read Full Post)