Obama State Department officially refusing to say Jerusalem is Israel's capital

The day after Democrats booed down a resolution affirming Jerusalem as Israel's capital (only to have it rammed through by the chair, Chicago-style), the Department of State officially refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  From the State Department Daily Press Briefing: MR. VENTRELL: Okay, good afternoon. Welcome to the State Department. We have with us some diplomats who are headed out to be spokespeople at some of our embassies overseas, so welcome to the briefing, to all of you. I don't have anything else, so I'll turn it over to you. Go ahead. QUESTION: On Israel? MR. VENTRELL: Yeah. QUESTION: Which city does the U.S. Government recognize as the capital in the - Israel? MR. VENTRELL: Well, as you know, longstanding Administration policy, both in this Administration and in previous administrations across both parties, is that the status of Jerusalem is an issue that should be resolved in final status negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. So that's...(Read Full Post)