Nice Try Bill (Updated)

Last night Bill Clinton made a valiant effort to equate his own style of governing with Barack Obama's. He portrayed the man who was supposed to be the first post-partisan president, who passed the most significant piece of social legislation in a generation without one Republican vote; the man who has blown up the national deficit and nationalized the auto companies and thoroughly demonized hard-working Americans, as a wonderful, bi-partisan, common-good politician who has simply been frustrated by angry right-wingers. Clinton air-brushed the man who believes it was his calling to "fundamentally change America" into a politician who believes "we are all in this together." In his best Bubba style, Clinton bit his lip, paused, touted Hillary and himself and rocked the house the way only Bill Clinton can. President Clinton also attempted to answer the question, "Are we better off now than we were four years ago," by saying "yes we are, but we're not satisfied yet." He told...(Read Full Post)