Need a Recap?

Well isn't this nice? Yahoo News put up a nice big headline today that reads: "Need a recap? Must-see speeches from the DNC" Hmm. I don't recall any such service after the Republican convention. Nope, there was none, though Yahoo did go out of their way (bless their hearts) to put up panels of talking heads to bash our speakers after the convention. I guess that was their way of "recapping" things for the public after Tampa. So, to review: Yahoo News provides blatantly biased coverage of the conventions by featuring "recaps" of speeches from the DNC convention while framing such recaps as "must-see" speeches. The good news is that of the 2,000+ comments and counting, those who bothered to post a comment weren't buying it. The bad news is that we have to buck up against this kind of media malpractice every single second of every single day. But buck it we must.(Read Full Post)