Mitt Romney: This Time It's Personal?

Conservatives are noticing that as the presidential race intensifies, Mitt Romney seems to become more conservative.  Not only has he picked Paul Ryan, a staunch pro-life Catholic conservative with impeccable credentials, as his running mate, but his campaign platform is gradually incorporating more conservative principles, while his messages have become sharper, clearer, and more focused on important moral and constitutional principles. Others have observed the same positive development. In an editorial at American Thinker, Rosslyn Smith highlights a plausible explanation for this gradual public shift in Mitt Romney's positions . Romney is more fully expressing and defending the same conservative principles he has always believed in and the values he's embraced all his life.  Except now he realizes just how ideologically different he is from the Marxist we now have as president.  The unmitigated disaster that Obama's policies have been for America, his consistent scorn...(Read Full Post)