Michelle Obama's school lunch rhetoric collides with reality

When first lady Michelle Obama told the nation's school children about the "exciting changes" ahead for them in their school cafeterias this year, it became clear that she has a serious disconnect with the reality of school lunchrooms, despite being the mother of two teenage girls. Perhaps Sidwell Friends School, which costs $35,000 a year per pupil, manages to produce food on an elevated budget which could on some planet be called "exciting."  But for the children of the 99 percenters, non-repulsive is about as good as school cafeterias get.  The first lady also spoke of another year of "learning, discovery, hard work and fun." "And today I want to tell you about some exciting changes that you'll be seeing in your school cafeterias," she said.  "Starting this year, the talented people who cook the food at your school will be offering all kinds of healthy, delicious new choices.  Foods that are good for you and that taste good, too." But now that school has...(Read Full Post)