It's a mystery!

Yesterday, while perusing the Google News website, I noticed the heading Neb. senator pleads guilty to 2 misdemeanors, and under it," State Sen. Brenda Council pleaded guilty Tuesday to filing false campaign finance reports that prosecutors say concealed her misuse ...." On a hunch, I clicked on the link and searched the article for State Senator Council's party affiliation. None was given. So I typed in "Brenda Council," started a Google News search, and (in 0.13 seconds) got over 7,000 hits. Searching through the first dozen, I could find no trace of a party affiliation. So I tried googling "Brenda Council Democrat" and got 2,300 hits, starting with one from the Huffington Post. But the first dozen of these were accidental conjunctions (two separate articles on the same website) and Sen. Council's party affiliation was still a mystery. I kept searching and finally found a Nebraska newspaper article that mentioned, in the twenty-fifth paragraph, that "Council is a Democrat."  By...(Read Full Post)