If you need a reason to vote against Obama...

It may not be the worst impact of the Obama administration, but it may turn out to be the longest lasting. Politics has always been a divisive game. Along with religion it is one of the subjects we are always cautioned not to discuss at dinner parties. At its worst, however, it was never as it is today. We all remember Obama saying we are not a Blue America; we are not a Red America; we are the United States of America. His administration, however, has proven itself to be anything but. For the first two years of his administration, he basically thumbed his nose at Republicans, not allowing them to have any input in any major legislation. Together with his supermajorities in the House and Senate, he acted as if this nation only had one party. When he no longer had those supermajorities, he didn't choose to compromise to get things done, as Clinton had done; he simply blamed Republicans for not "compromising" which, of course, he defined as not agreeing with exactly what he wanted to...(Read Full Post)