Heavy fighting in Aleppo as Syrian rebel offensive rolls

It should be obvious that President Bashar Assad cannot win his war against his own people. The rebels are only getting stronger, better equipped, and more able to defeat his military in open combat. In Syria's second largest city Aleppo, "unprecedented" fighting is going on as the rebels launch a final offensive to take the city. Daily Star: Rebels unleashed an unprecedented barrage of mortar fire against troops in Aleppo on Friday after announcing a "decisive" battle for Syria's second city, residents and a watchdog said. Shells crashed down at a steady rate and clashes were widespread, leaving layers of dust and smoke over Aleppo, according to the residents of the northern city and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. "The fighting is unprecedented and has not stopped since Thursday. The clashes used to be limited to one or two blocks of a district, but now the fighting is on several fronts," the Observatory's Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP. Residents in neighborhoods...(Read Full Post)