Greg Buckley's Agony

On August 10 this year Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr. was murdered by an Afghan police officer "trainee" in the Helmand Province of southern Afghanistan.  The 21 year old Buckley was working out in a gym when the Afghan officer walked in with an AK-47 and discharged the weapon into the unarmed Marine's chest. Earlier in the year, Buckley was told by a superior officer to apologize to the Afghan trainee after the pair had a dispute over the American presence in Afghanistan.  The dispute occurred after the Afghan officer repeatedly pestered and harassed Buckley about the merits of the American mission while Buckley was on a night watch. On Saturday last week, Buckley's distraught father Greg Sr. finally unloaded over a month's worth of painful but justified indignation concerning his son's death into a letter addressed to "Barack and Michelle Obama."  "As I write this," says Mr. Buckley, "all I can think about is walking my son to the school bus on the first day.  As I...(Read Full Post)