Greek workers strike; Spanish protests growing

The euro zone's too biggest problem children - Spain and Greece - are under seige as protests against Prime Minister Rajoy's austerity budget rock Spain and Greek workers go on strike, nearly shutting down the country. Reuters: Violent protests in Madrid and growing talk of secession in wealthy Catalonia are piling pressure on Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy as he moves closer to asking Europe for rescue money. Rajoy has been resisting calls from influential domestic bankers and the leaders of France and Italy to move quickly to request assistance, but a series of events this week will drive him closer. With protesters stepping up anti-austerity demonstrations, Rajoy presents more painful economic reforms and a tough 2013 budget on Thursday, aiming to persuade euro zone partners and investors that Spain is doing its deficit-cutting homework despite a recession and 25 percent unemployment. Fresh data on Tuesday suggested Spain will miss its public deficit target of 6.3...(Read Full Post)