Give war a chance?

Writing as Spengler in the Asia Times, David P. Goldman challenges the conventional wisdom, asserting that an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities could lead to positive outcomes for the United States in Middle East. After establishing that current trends are highly unfavorable not just to Israel (which faces nuclear annihilation) but to America, which is already seeing its power and influence in the region decline, he makes the case that Israel could severely damage the nuclear facilities, setting the program back years. But the most fascinating aspect of his conjecture is the ripple effects he foresees. Unlike nearly everyone else, Goldman posits that these could be positive: What ripples would ensue from a successful Israeli strike on Iran?  Iran probably would attempt to block the Straits of Hormuz, the gateway for a fifth of the world's oil supply, and America would respond by destroying Iranian conventional military capabilities and infrastructure from the air. This...(Read Full Post)