'Give the people what they want, and they'll show up'

The famous aphorism in the title of this blog is variously attributed to Red Skelton at the funeral of legendary movie mogul SOB Harry Cohn, or George Jessel at the funeral of even more legendary movie mogul SOB Louis B. Mayer. It also is quite apt in describing the commercial success of Newsweek's recent cover story, "Hit the Road, Barack."  Nat Ives of Ad Age reports: The Aug. 27 issue urging a Romney victory "may have just knocked one out of the park on newsstand sales," according to the Magazine Information Network, or MagNet, which tracks magazine sales. The early read on sales suggests the issue could double Newsweek's newsstand average, MagNet said. It's also on track to land among the title's top three newsstand sellers since 2010, according to MagNet data. A spokesman for Newsweek and The Daily Beast wasn't immediately able to confirm MagNet's newsstand numbers but said the issue sold well. "All reports indicate the August 27th issue was a strong performer both in print...(Read Full Post)