Election 2012: Great Society vs. New Left Radicals

There's some striking contrasts between the Republican convention in Tampa last week and the Democratic convention in Charlotte this week. At the Republican convention, Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, who wants to have a balanced budget not now, but in 30 years,  got a standing ovation from the Republican delegates when he vowed to defend and strengthen Medicare, a Democratic Party "Great Society" program (and one of the biggest cost-drivers in the bloated Federal budget).  The Republicans (with the notable exception of a one-line crack by Clint Eastwood) failed to mention how we're going to extricate ourselves from the Afghanistan quagmire; and Condoleezza Rice's speech was full of the "universal desire for liberty and freedom" pap that has turned the U.S. military into Third World missionaries. How, exactly, are today's Republicans any different from the Democratic Party of Lyndon Johnson circa 1965? By contrast, in Charlotte, the Democratic candidate has admitted to...(Read Full Post)