Don't Worry

Barack Obama's entire campaign for reelection seems to revolve around the premise that the nation need not worry.  And trusting in him to provide policies that will foster a future of prosperity for America and Americans is a prudent course of action -- even though he won't say what those policies will be. There once was a famous defense lawyer in the Bronx, where I grew up.  His nickname was "Don't Worry Murray."  There was a time when if you were a Mafioso, and got caught doing whatever, you had to have Murray as your lawyer.  He was, after all, the best.  And he certainly won more than he lost.  His reputation as a defense lawyer was stellar and he seemed bigger than life.  But even the best, can't win them all.  Sometimes the case against a client is just too strong. "Murray, I'm worried."  Stated Joey Bag of Donuts from Arthur Avenue, sweat forming on his brow, as his pudgy fingers nervously toyed with the tiny white cup of espresso...(Read Full Post)