Doing What Must Be Done

There is much talk around the blogosphere about "demoralization." The narrative in a nutshell goes something like this: The media is against us and the polls are skewed. It is part of a plan to demoralize us. Are you kidding me? Are we so fragile? Is our commitment to our cause so flimsy? Does our willingness to give our all hinge on something as vague and emotional as feelings of demoralization? Again, are you kidding me? No one knows what will happen on Election Day, or between now and Election Day. There is only one thing we know: that we must and will work as hard as we can to make sure Barack Obama is not re-elected. Period. And yes, we'll do so even if we feel demoralized. I mean, good grief! Is any conservative out there really suggesting that it's ok to feel too bummed out, depressed, or discouraged to lift a finger to help us win? Think of what our men and women in uniform face every day on the battlefield. Are we really going to indulge in being so physically and emotionally...(Read Full Post)