Dems to God and Everybody Else: Drop Dead

Whew! What a spectacle. The Rev Jeremiah Wright who invoked God to damn America wouldn't be so brazen.  The Philadelphia Eagles football fans at the old Franklin Field who booed and hurled snowballs at Santa Claus wouldn't be so shameless. The video from the Democrats' floor vote on its platform amendment to restore God in His rightful context, where easily 2/3rds shouted "Noooo..." revealed the capstone moment on their march-to-the-gallows counter cultural revolution.  A perfect companion piece to the DNC ad running concurrently that "Government is the only thing we all belong to". For the Democrats, dissing God has no repercussions.  After all God is irrelevant to the liberal intelligentsia. God is pre-enlightenment medieval lowbrow superstition.  God is harshly judgmental.  God is for "bitter clingers."  And God doesn't vote. God is only the last in a long line of "drop dead" targets in the crosshairs of Democrats. The leading victims from the Dems...(Read Full Post)