Dearborn Muslims rally for anti-blasphemy laws

About 1000 Dearborn, MI residents turned out for a demonstration against freedom of speech on Friday. These Arab-Americans want international anti-blasphemy laws and an end to discrimination against Muslims. Detroit Free Press: More than 1,000 rallied Friday night in Dearborn against the anti-Islam movie that has sparked protests around the world. Organized by Arab-American leaders, the rally was the third protest in metro Detroit over the movie, the biggest one yet. Another protest against the anti-Islam movie that denigrates Islam's prophet is set for today in Canton. "Say No to Hate-Mongering, Say No to Islamophobia,'' read a large banner at the rally in Dearborn's civic center, the Ford Performing Arts & Community Center. On the podium was a sign that read: "We (heart symbol) Prophet Muhammad." Many came with their families to the rally, dressed in Islamic headscarves and robes. Speakers included Muslim leaders, Arab-American activists, a Unitarian minister, U.S. Rep....(Read Full Post)