Clint Made My Day

Mr. Clint Eastwood made my day during his speech at the Republican Convention.  As I sat listening to him for American Thinker, I enjoyed the truths he told through humor.  Eastwood did what Governor Chris Christie neglected to do, fire up the audience. But that should not come as any surprise considering he is an actor, director, and writer.  Jon Voight, who had the same impression, came to Eastwood's defense in an interview with American Thinker. The empty chair representing President Barack Obama was very symbolic.  As Eastwood spoke, I thought of his Dirty Harry character: the tough, no nonsense guy who gets his point across with just a few words and sometimes with added humor.  Voight told American Thinker, "He did the speech in his own personal way, just like his persona.  We enjoyed his performances because they are fun, which is the same thing that happened at the Republican Convention.  He was the same guy as in the movies, a righteous guy...(Read Full Post)