Chick-fil-A wronged by media again

It pays never trust a news story these days.  Chick-fil-A's charitable foundation didn't back off supporting groups that oppose gay marriage because of pressure by big city politicians.  They had never supported any political groups to begin with.  Anne Sorock of Legal Insurrection, the only person who seems to have done real reporting on this story,  has this to say. On Wednesday, I pointed out that all of these headlines seemed to be taking one group's press release-the Civil Rights Agenda-along with Alderman Moreno's comments in a Chicago Tribune article about a letter he received from the company, and printing them without checking their validity against the actual documents. I did fact-check Alderman Moreno and the Civil Rights Agenda's press release on Wednesday. And when I did, I determined that, at best, we had no way to corroborate what they were saying; at worst, they were falsifying and spinning what was, in fact, no change whatsoever from...(Read Full Post)