Chicago teachers go on strike

The Chicago School Board groveled before the teacher's union last night, caving in on several key demands including a 16% increase in pay over 4 years (about 3.5 times the rate of inflation), rehiring several hundred teachers, and making allowances for nursing mothers. But it isn't enough: "We have successfully won concessions for nursing mothers and put more than 500 of our members back to work. We have restored some of the art, music, world language, technology and physical education classes to many of our students. The board also agreed that we will now have textbooks on the first day of school, rather than have our students and teachers wait for up to six weeks before receiving instructional materials." But issues such as health benefits and evaluation procedures remain. Lewis said she was concerned about the possibility of a large termination of teachers under a new evaluation system. "We are also concerned that too much of the evaluations will be based on students'...(Read Full Post)