Buying voters Obama style

Stand back Obamaphone voters.Your fearless leader has come up with a new way to use money the government has to borrow, and that will be paid for by our children, to bribe voters and help bring America 4 more years of the Obama "recovery." Because Obama was unwilling to support a budget compromise that would reduce the deficit, much less the debt, sequestration will take place in January. Sequestration means a huge across the board cut in defense spending, along with all other discretionary spending. Back in 2007 Obama said For too long, employers have failed to notify workers that they're about to lose their jobs due to mass layoffs or plant closings even though notice is required by the WARN Act, The least employers can do when they're anticipating layoffs is to let workers know they're going to be out of a job and a paycheck with enough time to plan for their future. But in August 2012 Obama's administration said that defense contractors do not have to follow the WARN Act because...(Read Full Post)