Bill and Barack

No one has shilled harder for Barack Obama than former president and onetime semi-rival Bill Clinton. The two are well known for their antipathy, yet Clinton's impassioned and windy speech on Obama's behalf on Wednesday, as well as his participation in the DNC soft-focus film ahead of Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday, suggests that the two presidents and fellow Democrats, are brothers under the skin. As a matter of fact they are not. If the pair have had their differences around politics and ego, as is obvious to any political junkie, their differences in governance are even more different.  Investor's Business Daily has five reasons why Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton. And with that the case, Clinton's impassioned advocacy for Obama amounts to little more than lies from his own point of view. With that the case, the next question to ask is why Clinton is doing this for someone he has so little in common with? Does Obama have something on him?(Read Full Post)