Are voters stupid?

I was listening to the local public radio station this morning and the Liberal host of the talk show was debating - I mean, interviewing Herman Cain. In the interview he asked Mr. Cain to explain his public statement about voters being stupid. I personally think this is a pretty harsh view on the part of the ex-presidential hopeful. In my family we have a saying, "there are no stupid people." There may be stupid animals, a stupid tv show or a stupid computer, but we don't call anyone stupid. So when Herman Cain referred to stupid voters, my interest was piqued. Over the last couple years since Obamacare passed I have been conducting a stealth survey on the subject. It involves no questions, just one statement and I evaluate the response. On a regular basis I will throw out the comment, "I can't wait for Obamacare to begin so that I can get my healthcare for free." The typical reaction to this statement may serve to prove Mr. Cain's point. An informed voter will...(Read Full Post)