Anti-Islam filmmaker arrested; held without bail

The arrest of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind the controversial film "Innocence of Muslims," is for violation of his parole. CNN: Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Dugdale then addressed the judge, claiming the man -- who he referred to as Nakoula or Bassil -- had engaged in a "pattern of deception" and "a person who cannot be trusted." Dugdale pointed to a probation report citing eight allegations in which Nakoula had allegedly violated his probation. One of those was a requirement not to use aliases without permission from his probation officer, something the prosecutor said Nakoula did on at least three instances: during his fraud case, when he tried to get a passport in 2011, and during the making of the film. Dugdale said Nakoula had deceived the cast of the film, as well as his probation officers. The prosecutor also noted that Nakoula was able to afford to make payments during the making of the film, saying it further raised concerns about his possibly ...(Read Full Post)