Al-Qaeda prisoners escape after attack on Iraqi jail

What was it the president said when he announced our withdrawal from Iraq: "With our diplomats and civilian advisers in the lead, we will help Iraqis strengthen institutions that are just, representative and accountable," Obama said. "We'll build new ties of trade and of commerce, culture and education that unleash the potential of the Iraqi people." Maybe they can start by strengthening security at the jails: Dozens of prisoners, including convicted al Qaeda members, escaped an Iraqi jail after militants dressed in police uniform attacked the prison and released them, security sources said on Friday. The jail, which housed some 300 inmates, was assaulted by gunmen driving police vehicles after a car bomb exploded outside the main gate late on Thursday, security sources said. Twelve prison guards and seven gunmen were killed in clashes. Security forces managed to regain control of the jail, in the city of Tikrit, early on Friday, but an official said more than 50...(Read Full Post)