A Message for the Republican Pundit Class from Outside the Beltway

During the Bush administration, especially in his second term, I asked myself many times, "Where is his Lanny Davis?"  Mr. Davis is a good and decent man who happens to be an unflinching advocate for both Clintons.  No matter what, he and others would go out every week and immolate themselves on TV for the Clinton cause.  They do it to this day.  No one seemed to stand up this way for George Bush, who was pummeled constantly and unfairly by crude Democrat thuggery and a craven lefty press.  The Republicans seemed to stand by while one of the most normal people we ever had as president had his reputation disassembled. Now we are seeing that again.  Pat Buchanan says Romney needs to "Call an Audible," while Peggy Noonan says he should turn over control of his campaign to someone like Jim Baker. Any other preference you can dredge up, Peggy?  How about Thomas Jefferson or James Madison? I am not linking to these articles because I don't want anyone else...(Read Full Post)