A chilling signal from the Obama administration

On Monday morning, Israelis walked out of U.N. General Assembly when Ahmadinejad spoke. Representative of the United States stayed seated in the hall. It is outrageous enough that a genocidal lunatic is given a platform on the world stage upon which to spew his anti-Semitic hate. But it utterly surreal to find the United States so weak we will not stand up to it -- an administration of Chamberlains. A dark and painful repeat of history is unfolding before us while the media rolls out headlines disconnected from reality. It's hard not to shake one's head, for example, at headlines that ask why Mitt Romney can't gain traction while Romney is neck and neck with Obama in what remains an extremely tight race. One is tempted to scream at the headline: He could gain traction if you'd stop your lying, manipulative obstruction! Harder still to grasp is how many Americans seem unable to muster a shred of common sense in the face of all of this madness. Millions think the country is on the wrong...(Read Full Post)