You drop fifteen tons an' whaddaya get?

In a move surely designed to give Iran's militant mullahs pause for thought, the Obama Administration has released information that America's biggest bunker-busting bomb is ready to use. Last week, Air Force Secretary, Michael Donley, told Defense News that the massive ordnance penetrator, MOP, a 30,000 pound behemoth designed to penetrate the earth to an alleged depth of 200 feet, is ready to be employed against Iranian nuclear weapons production sites. It is almost a certainty that the weapon's announced capabilities are short of actual performance. You don't announce your limitations to your enemies so they can simply dig deeper redoubts for their bomb building program. So actual penetration capabilities remain unknown. The GBU-57, its official designation, is designed to be launched from and then GPS guided to its designated target by a B-2 Spirit, stealth bomber. Were I an Iranian nuclear scientist or even just a worker bee down in one of those supposedly secret underground...(Read Full Post)