You call this 'compromise'?

In a Wall Street Journal opinion article published on August 6, 2012, Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, issued an appeal calling for a new climate-change consensus among climate alarmists (those who believe society's burning of fossil fuels is causing modern-day global warming and who are alarmed at its potential climatic consequences) and climate skeptics (those who consider that mankind's contribution to present and future climate, if any, will be mostly benign).  To jump start this proposed alliance, Krupp asks that both sides of the debate agree to two "basic truths" so that a "bipartisan, multi-stakeholder plan of action" can be implemented "to safeguard the natural systems on which our economic future depends."  The first of these so-called truths is that "dramatic alterations to the climate are here and likely to get worse - with profound resultant damage to the economy - unless sustained action is taken."  His choice of sources to support...(Read Full Post)