Will public ignorance of Ryan and government in general doom the GOP?

As government and society become more complex. more and more Americans throw up their hands and say, "It's too much for me, I'm going to tune it out." The consequences of that widespread attitude is that complex issues like Medicare reform and balancing the budget fall victim to demogoguery and exaggerated political attacks rather than rational discussion and a consensus on what to do. Ilya Somin of the blog Volokh Conspiracy contemplates what this means in the context of voter ignorance about Paul Ryan despite the congressman being in the news almost constantly for two years: The degree of ignorance about Ryan is striking. Unlike Sarah Palin in 2008, Ryan is not a relative unknown catapulted onto the national scene for the first time by getting a VP nomination. He's been a major figure in national politics for several years now, and is the GOP's leading spokesman on budgetary and economic issues. That said, extensive public ignorance about Ryan is not surprising in light of...(Read Full Post)