Why Voting Democrat Is Voting against Yourself

My mother-in-law often tells me that "voting Republican is voting against myself."  She's a lifelong progressive who believes that Republicans are evil by nature (though considering that she's also an atheist, it strikes me as being philosophically problematic that she even believes in absolute good and evil). Below is the answer I would give her if she would allow me (which she doesn't): Public-sector employees get salaried with our money (via taxes).  Part of the public employees' salaries go to their unions as dues.  A good chunk of those dues goes to the coffers of Democrat politicians to fund their future campaigns. See the cycle?  It is essentially money-laundering.  Now, when a public union negotiates for more money or benefits for its members, and a Democrat politician is sitting on the other side of the negotiation table advocating for the taxpayer, who's going to lose?  Nine times out of ten...the taxpayer.  This must be the way...(Read Full Post)