Wash. Post plays up Israeli-on-Palestinian violence, plays down Palestinian-on-Israeli attacks

It's the lead article in the international news section of the Sunday, Aug. 16 edition of the Washington Post -- a spread with two accompanying photos and a map across three quarters of an entire page.  The map incidentally shows Jerusalem sliding into the West Bank. The headline, in large type, reads:  "Settler attacks on Palestinians cause alarm among Israelis - Beating of Arab teen, firebombing of taxi renew concerns about increasing violence and vandalism by Jewish extremists." The first two paragraphs of the story, filed from Jerusalem by bureau chief Karin Brulliard and correspondent Samuel Sockol, read as follows: "The vicious nighttime beating of an Arab teenager by a mob of Jewish youths in a downtown square here this month has prompted arrests, condemnation and soul-searching about the depths of ethnic hatred in Israeli society. "But human rights activists and analysts say an act of violence against Palestinians that occurred hours earlier in a much different...(Read Full Post)