The Return of the 'Radical Republicans'

History is indeed repeating itself with the current statement by Jim Messina Obama's campaign manager calling Paul Ryan a "radical Republican."  The last time this term reverberated so loudly through the Capitol and the nation was during the troubled times leading up to the Civil War and during reconstruction after the war (1854 to 1877). Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on the right side of history when the Democrats are using this "hallowed" term once again.  The Republicans gave this nation back its rightful heritage, washed away the sins of slavery, and cleansed the stain against the nations honor by bringing "freedom" to an enslaved people. All during this time the Democrats both before and after the war continually engaged in behavior that disenfranchised the nation's slaves from their basic human right to freedom.  Their objections used the language of "states rights" which opposed any thought of the abolition of slavery as the economic system in the south was...(Read Full Post)