The Open-Minded Left

We all know how open-minded the left is, right? I mean, they're all for equality. Certainly no one among them is a racist, right? And yet they seem perennially obsessed about skin color. And religion. That is, if the candidate is conservative. Check out this Wolf Blitzer interview with Mia Love. Ms. Love talks about limited government, fiscal discipline, and personal responsibility. Blitzer acts like he's deaf and talks about abortion. Ms. Love talks about the common values we share as Americans, not as splintered demographic groups. Blitzer talks about how she'll have two colleagues in Congress. Why two? Because there are two other black Republican congressmen? In Blitzer's world, only they will get to be her colleagues. Talk about patronizing and insulting. And of course, what interview could go by, even among the briefest of interviews, without zeroing in on religion. Mormonism to be precise. Because we all know the media did not and will not delve into black liberation theology or...(Read Full Post)