The New Generation Offers a Leader

While Paul Ryan has been well-known on the national political scene for quite some time, he is a relatively new face to the public at large. His introduction as the likely 2012 Republican Party vice-presidential nominee on Saturday put me in mind of the slogan utilized by John F. Kennedy during his first run for Congress in 1946: "The New Generation Offers a Leader." Now in 2012, my generation has offered a leader. Ryan was born on January 29, 1970, and falls into the category popularly known as "Generation X." In other words, he was just a toddler when Joe Biden was first sworn in as a United States senator. When Ryan presumably debates Biden in autumn, Biden's adult-long attachment to the federal teat will not be the only contrast in play. Ryan the likeable wonk will have the gaffe-prone vice-president befuddled and bewildered at every turn. The viewing public will see the difference between a statesman and a fool. Ryan stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama as well. Obama has...(Read Full Post)