The Late Great Joe Biden

The smart people all say that Jay Carney told the truth Friday: Joe Biden will the running mate for President Obama this election.  I think they may be wrong. The other night, during an interview on Fox, Sarah Palin declared what's becoming more and more obvious:  Joe Biden should be replaced on the Democrat ticket with none other than Hillary Clinton. After Biden's latest in a series of over-the-top gaffes, John McCain, Sean Hannity, the editorial pages of conservative newspapers, and others (just Google, "Biden must go"), have made similar declarations.  It's been suggested, too, that the change needs to be made in the next thirty days or so. The official Democrat talking point is, of course, to defend Joe's crazy rants as being "taken out of context" or waving them off with the all-too-familiar, "Oh, that's just Joe" remark (even Bill O'Reilly used that tired excuse in one of his vaunted Talking Points memos). And, for now, both sides will champion their viewpoint --...(Read Full Post)