The Gold Standard of Racism

I watched a Sean Hannity interview last night with Congressman Allen West which elicited a gleaming nugget of liberal Democrat racism of which I was unaware. Most of AT's readers are probably familiar with the viciously racist political ad issued by a Democrat PAC which showed Congressman West beating up on old ladies, old white ladies, in fact, just to get their racist message across. But many of you probably missed, as did I, in my disinterested viewing of the ad, was one of its most snidely racist stereotypes: the Allen West depicted is sporting a flashing gold tooth, a complete fabrication, obviously intended to reinforce stereotypes of black thugs who mug old white ladies. As West said and visually demonstrated as well to Hannity, he has no gold teeth. What a thoroughly despicable, racist, cheap shot by the folks who are so quick to call us conservatives racists and condemn us for stereotyping blacks. When are blacks going to wake up and realize the true contempt which their...(Read Full Post)