The Copycat Girls think Ryan is just, well, cruel

Maureen Dowd and Katrina vanden Heuvel must have had coffee yesterday and brainstormed.  Because I'll be darned if their articles today don't strike the very same themes (not similar themes, the same). Checkout their articles' headlines in today's Washington Post (vanden Heuvel) and New York Times (Dowd). "Paul Ryan: Cruel, not Courageous," blares vanden Heuvel's header.  "When Cruelty is Cute," goes the typically catty Dowd's headline (But, shhh!  Under all that loathing, Dowd might just have a double-secret crush on Ryan.  Dowd calls Ryan "the cutest package that cruelty ever came in."  Maureen's just jealous that she didn't get Paul first!)          The two mainstream media girls are all huffy about Paul Ryan's wanting to stick it to your grandma and grandpa - or so they claim.  Yep, Paul Ryan's a big old meanie.  The girls think Ryan's a meanie because he wants to reform Medicare, versus chopping $700...(Read Full Post)