The beginning of accountability in Egypt?

Here's an odd story: On 2 August, the government of Israel publicly warned Israelis to leave the Sinai because it had information about potential terrorist activity.  On the 4th, the U.S. government followed suit.  On the evening of the 6th, the attack came - not against Israel at first, or against Americans, but against an Egyptian military outpost where soldiers were having their Iftar dinner.  Sixteen Egyptian soldiers were killed, their vehicles commandeered and the terrorists set off for an Israeli Bedouin military base in the Negev, hoping to draw Israel and Egypt into war.  Israel thwarted the attack. That's not the odd part. In the aftermath, one of the most interesting developments came from Egyptian blogger Dalia Ziada.   Ziada, a liberal political analyst and activist in Cairo, is Executive Director of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, one of the oldest and largest human rights/civil liberties NGOs in the Arab world.  ...(Read Full Post)