That Chair Was Racist

Who does Clint Eastwood think he is?  Having an empty chair next to him on stage while he pretended to talk to a non-existent Barack Obama supposedly sitting in that chair was racism.   It was intended to make our President seem small, inconsequential, like a black man who doesn't count -- or counts at most as 3/5 of a person.    Was the empty chair a metaphor for Barack Obama as an empty suit, or an emperor with no clothes?  This is clearly code for society's assumption that a black man cannot be taken seriously and is not up to the job.   Towering above the empty chair Eastwood talked down to an imaginary Barack Obama.  A black man does not need to be talked down to by a white man, especially a white man who is famous for playing characters always armed and dangerous.   And where does he get off mentioning the President's record of failure?    Barack Obama doesn't need a record of success.  He is...(Read Full Post)