Syrian rebels use captured heavy weapons against Assad's forces

A few tanks and pieces of artillery makes all the difference in a local engagement. But what it means for the rebels fighting outside Damascus, Homs, Hama and other Syrian cities is less clear. If the rebels prove themselves by seizing Aleppo, will it be the catalyst for Western nations to supply them with more heavy weapons to battle Assad's armor? New York Times: Syria's rebels shelled an airport near Aleppo on Thursday in what was described as one of the first known instances of insurgents using captured heavy weapons, as opposition activists warned that fighting for the city, the country's main commercial center, would likely intensify. A Syrian activist said President Bashar al-Assad's army appeared to be preparing for an all-out assault.  "We have seen military reinforcements making their way to Aleppo," said Abou Firas, an activist in Aleppo using a satellite Internet connection because telephone and Internet service from the city was cut off. "We were worried about...(Read Full Post)